HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2023


Fair Dates : 19-21 April 2023 (Wed - Fri)
Opening Hours: 9:30am - 6:30pm
Admission : Trade Only. Persons under 18 will not be admitted. (Free Admission)
Organiser : Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Venue : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre



Fair Highlights
• Concurrent with HKTDC Gifts & Premium Fair to explore lifestyle licensing opportunities
• Participation by international IPs from different sectors
• Hybrid mode adopted with physical exhibition and online business matching platform
• Asian Licensing Conference will be hosted concurrently


2021 Online Fair at a Glance
• Over 250 exhibitors from 10 countries and regions with over 500 brands and properties
• More than 6,200 visitors attended from 47 countries and regions

2021 Online Fair Highlights
• Government-led Pavilions from different countries and regions including Indonesia, Korea, Mainland China, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan
• Hong Kong home-grown brands: DLAB Hong Kong exhibitors and Asian Licensing Award finalists with 70+ original local designed IPs featured

The Hottest B ra n d s & Properties from around the World in 2021
• Top Global Licensors & Licensing Agents: CAA-GBG, IMG, Nickelodeon, Sanrio
• Animation & Edutainment: Baby Shark, Dora The Explorer, Doraemon, Garfield, Kumamon, Little Prince, Lychee & Friends, Miffy, Monopoly, Monster Hunter, Moomin, Mr Men Little Miss, My Little Pony,Paddington Bear, PAW Patrol, Peanuts, Popyeye, Robocar Poli, Shaogao, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Smurfs, Tokidoki, Transformers, ULTRAMAN series
• Art Brands: IAMA, J.Paul Getty Museum, Lauren Roth, Leonardo3 Museum, MULGA, Norman Rockwell, Shu Yamamoto’s World, Van Gogh SENSES
• Celebrity: Bridgitte Bardot, Elvis Presley, JoJo Siwa, Marilyn Monroe, Paramount, Star Trek
• Corporate Brands: Aston Martin, Chrysler, Chupa Chups, Coca-Cola, Jaguar, Jeep, Kodak, Lamborghini, Nanoblock, NYC, Volkswagen
• Fashion & Lifestyle: 7UP, Billboard, Cosmopolitan, Finlayson, Fortnite, MGM Consumer Products, Pepsi, Playboy, Royal Navy, Superdry
• Sports Licensing: Bundesliga, Formula One, Juventus FC, League of Legends, Manchester City, The Open, UFC
• Hong Kong home-grown brands: B.Duck, Happiplayground, Happy Gappy, Mr Giraffe, Shibainc, Squly & Friends


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 Asian Licensing Conference 2023


The Asian Licensing Conference (ALC) is a leading international licensing event which focuses on the promising Asian market. Conference participants could identify business opportunities in Mainland China and Asia, exchange market insights, expand business contacts and explore cross-sector collaboration.



Date : 19-21 April 2023 (Wed - Fri)
Venue : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Organiser : Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Sponsor : Licensing International
Admission : Trade Only



2022 Conference at a Glance

A total of 22 sessions featuring 34 speakers from 8 countries and regions

Topics covered including:
• Topical Issues – Brands cross-over, Metaverse & NFT, China Opportunities
• Arts & Culture – Cultural IP x Art Technology
• Entertainment – Blockchain gaming
• Sustainability – ESG in licensing
• Licensing Academy
• Direct-to-retail (DTR)

To pave way for RCEP Brands to exhibit at the Hong Kong International Licensing Show (HKILS) 2023, an inaugural Online Brand Forum was organised at ALC 2022.
10 Japanese companies (Bandai Namco, Capcom, DNP group, Fuji TV, Minto, Poplar Publishing, San-byte Creative, Sony Creative, TV Tokyo and Tsuburaya) featured their IPs at the event.

25,500+ viewers from from 43 countries and regions which includes licensors, licensing agents, licensees, manufacturers, traders and retailers

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「利用品牌授權策略拓展業務及鞏固香港作為亞洲品牌授權及知識產權中心 」項目由亞洲授權業協會主辦,並由香港特別⾏政區政府⼯業貿易署「工商機構支援基金」撥款贊助。此項目已成功於2020年⾄2022 年舉辦多次工作坊和國際峰會,邀請授權業專家及學者對品牌授權⾏業進⾏全方位分析和解讀,從品牌授權的戰略、管理、法律等⽅面作詳細探討,為廣大企業及投資者深⼊瞭解品牌授權業務提供有益的參考意見。

根據國際授權業協會的資料,2019年全球授權商品及服務零售額達2,928 億美元。北美洲市場仍舊引領著授權商品及服務,佔全球市場總額58%,但亞洲以超過5%年增長率,成為增幅最強勁的市場。順應授權產業的發展前景,香港本地和國內湧現出很多優秀的的品牌和授權項目,例如Chocolate Rain、麥兜、Molly、故宮等。同時,許多國際授權商及授權代理商,如美泰(Mattel)及艾康尼斯品牌集團(Iconix Brand Group),紛紛在本港設立辦事處,作為管控亞洲地區業務的總部。許多國際知名授權商也向香港授權代理商提供授權項目,協助拓展亞洲業務。此外,數字化亦給授權業帶來新商機。例如,在2022 年初,冬奧會期間,國際奧委會官⽅授權推出冰墩墩數字盲盒;全球各⼤博物館聯合不同平台推出⽂物數字藏品等。這些非同質化代幣(NFT),元宇宙等新概念產品,催⽣創新商業模式和策略。因此,如何“借力東風”,乘著新科技和新風潮抓住新機遇,是授權業界⼈⼠急切期待解答的問題。同時,疫情仍然影響世界,傳統授權業務和新興概念的結合是後疫情時代授權業的最新發展趨勢。




日期: 2022年7月26日(星期⼆)
時間: 9:30 至 13:30
地點: 香港理工大學 N001




The 2nd International Summit on Brand Licensing and IP Trade and



The project “Use of brand licensing strategy to grow business and consolidation of Hong Kong as a brand licensing and intellectual property (IP) hub in Asia” is undertaken by Asian Licensing Association Company Limited and funded by the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund, the Trade and Industry Department of HKSAR Government. The project covers a range of management workshops and international summits which have been delivered from 2020 to mid- 2022. Reputable experts and scholars in brand licensing business and IP protection are invited to share their views on assessment of brand licensing opportunities and effective implementation of licensed brand strategy. All these activities are able to attract an accumulation of thousands of participants from Hong Kong, mainland China and neighbouring countries.


Even under the pandemic, the brand licensing market in Asia still recorded a strong growth rate over 5% in 2021. Many reputable brands from Hong Kong, or mainland China, or the West, attempt to capitalize the emerging opportunities in Greater China Region and ASEAN countries with a licensing brand approach. Recently, quite a number of licensing projects have emerged in Hong Kong, including Chocolate Rain, McDull, Molly and so on. Many international licensors and licensing agents, such as Mattel and Iconix Brand Group, have chosen to set up offices in Hong Kong to monitor their business in Asia. On the other hand, digitalization and advances in IT have led to emergence of new brand management concepts and business models. How to seize the opportunities created by technological trend is another brand management agenda for executives.


The theme of the 2nd International Summit on Brand Licensing and IP Trade & Management is “Capturing Brand Licensing and IP Business Opportunities to Grow Your Brands in Asia”. A group of international speakers from Hong Kong, mainland China, UK, Thailand, and Indonesia will share their expertise and insights on how to explore and assess business opportunities for your brands and how to enter, develop, manage, and protect your brands and IP characters in SE Asia and China. The project team has just finished a large-scale consumer survey on the characteristics of brand buying behavior of local consumers and their attitudes towards licensed brands in Bangkok, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Taipei.


We sincerely invite you to join this event on July 26 (Tuesday). Please refer to the attached programme for the details of presentation topics and simply scan the QR Code to register.


Date: July 26, 2022 (Tuesday)
Time: 9: 30 to 13: 30
Venue: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University N001


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由亞洲授權業協會主辦, 法國里昂商學院和香港理工大學協辦的 「首屆國際品牌授權及知識產權貿易管理高峰論壇」將改於2022年1月27日 (星期四) 9:15-13:00香港理工大學Z414 / Zoom 線上會議舉行.  論壇詳情如下 :


如有興趣, 請於2022年1月26日或之前掃瞄二維碼, 即可報名參加線上會議.

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Poster Speaker for 1st Summit






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